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Protecting Your Site With DreamHost DreamShield

Protecting your site with DreamShield is highly recommended if you are hosting your website with DreamHost. Ways to protect your website must be a front-burner issue for you if you are a publisher, blogger, or eCommerce merchant.

The incidence of cyberattacks and data theft has put pressure on website owners and online businesses to make security a priority. One tool used for website security is DreamHost DreamShield.

 What is DreamHost DreamShield?


DreamHost DreamShield

According to DreamHost, “DreamShield is an effective tool that allows you to scan, detect, and remove vulnerabilities or threats from your website.” Formerly called the Malware Remover, it is a paid layered defense add-on

DreamShield was developed for use with DreamHost to keep your computer safe. | dreamshield The DreamHost DreamShield protects you from malware. It ensures that a breach of security does not occur. Similarly, DreamShield will detect and remove any malware it identifies. And when this is done, you get notified.


Therefore, use DreamShield on your domain or sub-domain. It runs a scan of your site and ensures weekly updates on your site’s health. You also get a report that tells you if your site is clean or not.

Protect your site with DreamShield when you sign up for DreamHost.

However, is protecting your site with DreamHost DreamShield worth it? Let’s find out.


DreamHost DreamShield Protection

DreamShield made its debut on the back of DreamHost. DreamHost is a top-rated hosting service provider. It is one of the three hosting providers recommended by WordPress as a choice hosting service for their websites.

DreamHost reviews have consistently ranked it higher than other hosting alternatives recommended by WordPress in the area of security and privacy. DreamShield was created to ensure the security and privacy of websites hosted on DreamHost.

Furthermore, DreamHost is highly rated in many other areas such as; its affordability, speed, 100% uptime guarantee, 97-day money-back guarantee, easy access to your .htaccess file, free SSL/TLS certificate, firewall, and much more.

Consequently, DreamShield came highly recommended.

However, is DreamShield worth it? To answer this we’ll look at your overall benefit and its pricing.  



1. DreamShield allows you to scan, detect, and remove threats and vulnerabilities from your website.

2. It works in the background to give you software installation and upgrade notices.

3. It runs automated weekly scans.

4. You have automated malware fixes and clean-up.

5. Reputation monitoring is carried out.

6. All processes are automated without manual scans.

7. Ease of management as everything comes through your DreamHost dashboard.  


DreamShield costs $3.00/month or $36.00/year. You can pay monthly. This might be a preferable option for you if you do not want to pay a bulk amount at once.

Below is how DreamShield click-to-install looks in your DreamHost control panel. | dreamshield notice



Take a value-based approach to determine whether DreamHost DreamShield is worth it. Consider that your computer could be at risk. For instance, shocking trends have emerged regarding cybercriminals’ increased cyberattacks and data breaches.

Equally important, reports show a spike of 15.1% in 2021 alone over the previous year. Moreover, multiple ransomware attacks have progressively increased over the years. More than 1000 companies have already been affected with millions of dollars lost.

For example, massive amounts are paid by companies to their attackers which leads to more ransomware attacks. In the same vein, malware attacks are used by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to computers.

Therefore, your ability to preempt such attacks is important. For instance, proactive measures can protect your online business. As such, detect and remove any malware to keep your website and its users safe.

The DreamHost DreamShield protects you from cyberattacks. It also ensures that a breach of security does not occur. In addition, DreamShield will identify and remove any malware. Then, send you a notification when this is done. 

The security and privacy you enjoy with DreamShield might make $3.00/month an affordable price to pay to keep your website safe. As such, protecting your site with DreamHost DreamShield is worth it.

Enjoy your DreamShield benefits now by hosting your site with DreamHost.

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