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Budget Hacks | free resources

Money problems can be quite stressful. Having a budget to guide your everyday expenditure is a healthy way to keep yourself in line.


Running out of cash before you earn more is a recipe for stress. So, here is a Budget Hack you can download for free to keep yourself in line.


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Expense Tracker | free resources

Taking control of your expenses is perhaps the most important step in your journey to financial freedom.


One major challenge encountered in the quest to build wealth is the inability of many to consistently keep their expenses below their income. A situation that will automatically create a deficit in your financial position, when unchecked. 


If this occurs over some time, you can be plunged into financial distress. Therefore, keep a tight rein on your expenses.


A good way to monitor your expenditure is to keep a record of what you receive as income, what you spend it on, and how frequently you spend it.


To help you do this, download for free the Expense Tracker so you know where your money goes.


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Emergency Fund Tracker | free resources

Do you have an Emergency Fund? Are you wishing, hoping, and thinking that the rainy day will never come?


Much as I want to agree with you, I cannot help but tell you that not having an emergency fund is perhaps one of the greatest financial errors you can make. Especially if you have a family to take care of. You need one… like yesterday.


Life happens and nothing is guaranteed. To help you build one, download for free the printable Emergency Fund Savings Tracker designed for you.




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Debt Elimination Guide | free resources

Debt puts a stranglehold on financial freedom. Credit is usually presented as a solution for the payment of goods and services that you ordinarily cannot afford.


At the point of payment, you get freely what you have to pay back. This presents a false sense of affordability.


From the moment a purchase is made the credit becomes a debt to be repaid in the future, usually at a value much greater than what the purchase was worth.


Are you in debt? Here is a free Debt Elimination Guide to help you…


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Are you good with money? Take this quiz to find out.

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Download your free personal financial planner 


This 20-page printable template is designed to help you organize your thoughts, and create a plan of action to reach your financial goals.