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Check out our Biz Tools for some recommended tools and resources that will help you set up your online business without delay.

Your online business is a key component of your

financial freedom strategy.

Many online entrepreneurs share how their online businesses played a key role in their financial wellness journey.

Starting and scaling your business is therefore key to your financial success.

These recommended tools and resources helped me greatly when I started my website.


Disclosure (Affiliate Links)

Kindly note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I will earn a commission when you purchase any of the products or services through this website.

Please know that I only recommend products and services I will use or already use myself. My recommendation to you is free.



Biz Tools for Quick, Easy Online Business Set-Up


DreamHost is a top-rated hosting service provider. It is one of the three hosting providers recommended by WordPress as a choice hosting service for their websites.

My choice of DreamHost was based on their higher ranking against other alternatives recommended by WordPress in the area of security.

If you are a beginner, you should test the waters with a shared hosting plan. If you have no coding experience, you will naturally assume it would be challenging. Don’t fret! From my experience, DreamHost is the way to go.

No doubt my first few days were quite frustrating. I had to Google everything but later got the hang of it before the week ran out. It has been a, surprisingly, not so difficult experience.

Everything is much easier than it sounds and I do not hesitate to recommend it.

Be sure to add the DreamShield Protection to guard against malware. To start with DreamHost you can choose the Shared Starter Product or the Dedicated Hosting option.

savvynuggets.com | dreamhost




Systeme.io is the all-in-one business platform you need. It makes starting, managing and growing a business so much easier.

Its comprehensive offerings include Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Website Builder, Online Courses, and Affiliate Program Management.

When compared to Systeme.io alternatives, you have greater savings on all plans. At each level, their plans come cheaper without sacrificing quality.

Are you on a budget? Systeme.io freemium plan allows you to start your business without hassles.

The free plan allows you the option of one marketing automation function, which is not available in the free plan of Systeme.io alternatives. 

It is truly free for your first 2,000 email subscribers, allowing you to build and scale your business with ease. As your business grows, Systeme.io grows with you.

Ready to start your online business with Systeme.io? Check out Systeme.io. No credit card is required.

savvynuggets.com | systeme.io



GDPR Compliant Legal Templates 

Make sure your online business is protected and legal. Get legally compliant templates covering every aspect of your business, drafted by a Lawyer.

Amira at A Self Guru is a business lawyer. She will get your online business legally protected with her legal templates in minutes.

Take all the stress from yourself by making your online business legal. For your GDPR-compliant Comprehensive Legal Bundles check out the Comprehensive Legal Bundles.

If you wish to hire a Freelancer for your business then you need to protect yourself legally from any potential lawsuit by getting the Freelancer Legal Bundle.

For your Coaching business to be legally protected from potential lawsuits by some difficult clients you need to get the Coaching Agreement.

For all online business owners with a website, just click the template name for your GDPR-compliant templates. Get the Privacy Policy Template, Disclaimer Template, and Terms & Conditions Template to protect your website and keep it legal.

You also have the option to upgrade from the Starter Legal Bundle below to either the Premium Legal Bundle or the VIP Legal Bundle for wider legal coverage. 


savvynuggets.com | starter legal bundle templates savvynuggets.com | premium legal bundle set  savvynuggets.com | VIP legal bundle




WP Engine

Take your business to the next level with WP Engine! As an enterprise-level business on a continuous growth trajectory, you need a fast and secure website.

Make money faster, and create a stunning mobile site in minutes. Managed WordPress hosting is the way to go, so you can focus on your business.

WP Engine is an integrated hosting solution for WordPress that allows you to put your customer first while getting paid reliably and easily with simplified invoicing. 

With premium themes and block tools, you can build better WordPress sites faster.

Every plan comes with free SSL, CDN, and daily automatic backups. WP Engine locks down your site with managed WordPress updates, vulnerability scanning, 2FA, DDoS mitigation, automatic threat detection, and blocking.

WP Engine’s 60-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to sample its features for yourself.

Start your world-class digital experience now, and get 3 months free with annual plan purchases.


savvynuggets.com | wp engine


Studio Press (from WP Engine)

In addition to world-class managed hosting, WP Engine goes further to provide awesome themes you can choose from through their Studio Press site.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, the Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.

Get access to the Genesis Framework and 35+ premium StudioPress themes that will ensure a secure and search-engine-optimized foundation for WordPress experiences that drive business results.

Check out the Genesis Framework and 35+ premium StudioPress themes, and get StudioPress.


savvynuggets.com | studiopress




If you want to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site in minutes without writing any code, get MonsterInsights.

It is the no. 1 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. MonsterInsights setup is easy and powerful, making it the best Google Analytics plugin to grow your business.

Before MonsterInsights came on the scene, you needed to either know to code or get a good developer to set up Google Analytics (Universal Analytics and the new Google Analytics 4) on your WordPress site… 

But now with MonsterInsights… No developer needed, no code required! You can now set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site in minutes with just a click. 

Your business must have powerful analytics set up to help you grow. Google Analytics gives you the information you need to configure your business for success.

You get to see what visitors to your site do, what they like, the content they go to, where they are from, and which gender prefers your products more. This information helps you tailor your product in the best way your visitors will love.

Once your visitors like what they see, they will come back for more of what you offer. Eventually, they will buy from you and become customers. The word gets out about your products and what you offer, leading to more engagement and sales.

MonsterInsights makes all these happen with ease. From your WordPress dashboard, you can see, analyze, and lift out real-time data that you can use to make your business succeed.

Get MonsterInsights and grow your business with ease. 

savvynuggets.com | monsterinsights



WP Forms

Are you a business owner who wants to connect with visitors to your WordPress site, conduct online surveys, create newsletters, registration, donation, and payment forms?

Look no further than WP Forms, the best WordPress contact form plugin. This plugin is user-friendly and powerful. You can build responsive, mobile-friendly forms in minutes without writing any code with pre-built easily customizable templates.

The easy drag & drop WordPress form builder allows you to create contact forms that can be easily integrated with email marketing providers, and with payment providers such as PayPal.

Join over 5,000,000 business owners, designers, and developers who use WP Forms. Get WP Forms.


savvynuggets.com | wp forms




Do you want to grow your email list, get more leads, and increase sales? If your answer is yes, then…you need the no. 1 most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the world… OptinMonster.

In 3 simple steps, OptinMonster generates more subscribers, leads, and sales from the traffic you already have. You can get this biz tool, and join over 1.2m businesses to get more subscribers and customers. 

Use beautiful lead capture forms that convert with multiple form types such as Popups, Floating bars, Fullscreen overlays, and Slide-ins to get more subscribers, leads, and sales with OptinMonster.

savvynuggets.com | optinmonster



Create custom WordPress themes and page layouts without code… using SeedProd. Save time on web design and development.

Create great-looking landing pages that convert in minutes without coding. Design Sales, Opt-in, Webinar, and Thank You pages that look unique.

Even Coming Soon, Under Construction, and 404 pages can be created in beautiful designs that turn lost users and traffic into leads.

Join over 1m business owners, marketers, and web developers who use SeedProd. Get SeedProd.


savvynuggets.com | seedprod





financial planner | SavvyNuggets.com



Download your free personal financial planner 


This 20-page printable template is designed to help you organize your thoughts,

and create a plan of action to reach your financial goals.








WordPress – Free Biz Tools

The easiest way to get access to WordPress is through a hosting plan. Many plans start with shared hosting with access to various plugins.

A plugin is a software that helps you extend the functionality of your site when it is plugged in. That is what it is, “plugged-in”.

Plugins have been configured to work in a complementary fashion with WordPress, helping it do what its site cannot ordinarily do without this complementary tool.

For a WordPress website owner, most of these Plugins are free although they have their paid plans. You have the option to upgrade to a paid plan if you want more functionalities.

For beginners, however, the free versions have all the functionalities needed to start your site.

Some of the free plugins I use are;

1. All-In-One SEO (AIOSEO):  

This is an SEO plugin that ensures your site is optimized for search engines like Google. It does this by keeping you in line with your snippet preview, meta description crafting, sitemap, and other SEO rules to observe when writing your post. Most importantly it provides an SEO analysis amongst other functions, by allocating a score to different components on your site that you need to watch to ensure your website ranks high for SEO. Get the All-In-One-SEO (AIO SEO) plugin.


2. Updraft:

This plugin has the important responsibility of keeping your site backed up. It ensures that your database, plugins, themes, uploads, etc are stored safely offsite preferably in the cloud. This storage requires you to sign-up with a storage provider such as IDrive, Backblaze, DreamObjects, etc. Site backup is one of the most critical activities you should not neglect. Constant backups ensure the retrieval of the last backed-up version of your site if there is a website crash. 


3. Smush:

It enables you to minify your pictures so the site loads faster. The plugin will optimize and compress the particular pictures to be shown when uploading images to your site. It also activates lazy loading which ensures that offscreen images are not loaded until a visitor scrolls to them. The content delivery network, otherwise known as CDN converts huge images uploaded to smaller sizes so your site pages can load faster.


4. Akismet:

This plugin helps to detect and protect from spam, especially in your comment section. It can discard the worst and most pervasive spam so you don’t even see it and it can also put spam in a spam folder for review if you indicate so.


5. Wordfence:

This is a security plugin, which adds a greater layer of security such as anti-virus, firewall, malware scan,  brute force, and blocking of suspicious IPs. It is important you have it to mitigate the likely risk of cyberattack.


6. WP Fastest Cache:

This plugin primarily ensures site speed and page loading speed. This is done through managing your cache, Gzip compression, which minimizes files sent from the server and minifies CSS, HTML, and Javascript. It also reduces HTTP requests through the combination of CSS and Javascript files.


7. Site Kit:

This great plugin is for Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdSense. Site Kit uses these tools to monitor your site speed, traffic growth, performing content, and other stats.