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The SavvyNuggets Blog was created to provide tools and resources to help you make savvy decisions to meet your financial goals, so you can live financially empowered, in abundance with peace of mind.

We help leaders in management and business to thrive financially in their professional and personal lives.

The name SavvyNuggets is an expression where “Savvy” connotes practical knowledge, and the ability to make sound judgments, while “Nuggets” are small lumps of gold or other precious metals connoting incremental wealth and abundance.

Savvy Nuggets, therefore, is the provision and application of shrewd, practical knowledge to help you create abundance in your life.

This mission is aptly depicted in our logo below, which shows you moving steadily from where you currently are, into wealth and abundance. 


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The Founder                                                                                                     

Chinasa is Marshall Goldsmith Certified in Global Leadership Assessment. She trained as a Management Consultant with Arthur Andersen (KPMG) and has experience in research, teaching, organizational management, and leadership.

As a Management Advisor and Consultant in the consulting, banking, and financial services industry, she has worked variously in external audit, management consulting, and human resource management.

She has worked with top-level organizations, where her work has been commended for resulting in greater workforce engagement with an impact on the achievement of goals at both the individual and organizational levels. Her work also exposed her to critical assignments in strategy consulting, corporate finance, and tax.

Chinasa has written peer-reviewed strategic management papers accepted for presentation at international conferences. She has also written business cases on ethics, authored a parenting book, and she holds a Ph.D. in Management.

Over time she always wondered why many leaders do not achieve the financial success they are capable of. From personal experience and that of others, she discovered the mindset factor that inhibits the full expression of one’s self. Thereby, limiting one’s ability to create the financial success designed for their life.

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Lessons Learned

Over time she learned a few things;

1. That wealth creation has both a behavioral and strategic side.

2. Money alone does not constitute wealth, it is just a component in wealth creation.

3. Understanding money and how it fits into all the other pieces is key.

4. Wealth building is an intentional endeavor requiring principle-based actions.

5. There is a customized pathway to wealth for everyone. Most people don’t get rich the same way.

 Financial independence is very important to your well-being. To create a life of abundance you need to acquire the money habits, self-mastery, and principles needed to achieve your financial goals. 



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Every individual path to wealth is personal and unique. There is no one way to become rich. No matter the individual path one has taken, some principles still have to be obeyed.

These principles are the same though their application might differ in each person’s wealth journey.

In addition to principles, you need to build systems, achieve self-mastery, and most importantly remove the limiting beliefs that keep you small. You can play big. And this platform is all about helping leaders do that.

The SavvyNuggets Blog is, therefore, a financial education platform focused on helping you thrive financially and live abundantly with peace of mind.