9 Freelance Platforms to Earn Extra Income

Making money online is fast becoming the preferred option for those seeking extra income opportunities. And this trend has accelerated since the pandemic.

According to Pew Research (2021), 9% of Americans earned money online in 2021. And for 31% of this number, online gigs were their main jobs.

Globally there has been an increase in individuals seeking extra income through freelance activities.

This has been due to technological advancement, greater tech inclusion, desire for flexibility, convenience, and work-life balance.

The internet has made making money much easier. In response to this new way of doing things, various freelance platforms have sprung up connecting businesses to skilled labor.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for anybody to take advantage of, once you have the skills.


Freelance Opportunities

Today there are freelance opportunities in almost any niche you can think of. Freelancers with varying skill-sets from many countries in the world are serving these businesses.

Freelance platforms provide a marketplace for you to showcase your skills and work for clients you otherwise would not meet.

Most of these platforms allow you to set your rates. You can also participate in competitive bidding for clients to choose which freelancer in your category they want.www.savvynuggets.com

While most of these platforms are free to join, some are fee-paying.

You might be required to pay a certain percentage of your earnings to them as commission. This money is deducted at-source once you start having clientele.

To help you make money online in 2022, I have put together a curated list of credible platforms you can check out. Join anyone you want and start making money immediately.

Take time to click the links through to the individual platforms. Most importantly, review them critically with your goal in mind, and then decide which one is best for you.

9 Freelance Platforms



Millions of people and business owners are looking for freelancers to turn their idea into reality. On this platform, they post jobs, choose the freelancer they want, and make secure payments. For instance, jobs can take a day or a month depending on the complexity, skill, and rate of the freelancer. As a professional, you can choose to offer your services in various categories available. Prepare your portfolio and set competitive quotes. This will be used by clients to choose who to work with. The bidding process is fast, and freelancers are in demand. Check out this platform

We Work Remotely (WWR)

This platform features 100% fully remote jobs for qualified candidates anywhere in the world where they operate. With over 20,000 jobs posted, they have jobs in programming, design, DevOps, system administration, management, and finance. The flexibility and availability to candidates worldwide make it an attractive platform to consider. Check out this platform.


Businesses are connected to freelancers around the globe who are vetted and registered on the platform. As a prospective freelancer, put together a good profile to be shown to clients. Also include your portfolio if you have, which shows work done. For instance, your bragging rights are the testimonials of past clients you have successfully worked for. Furthermore, this acts as social proof for your prospective clients on the platform. Check out this platform.


Fiverr is a team-oriented business solution. Freelancers are connected to businesses to work as part of their team. Many times, on specific projects. Therefore, freelancers with proven business experience are matched to business clients. Fiverr started with freelance gigs as low as $5 for each job completed. Today, freelancers can now set higher rates depending on the project. Check out Fiverr.


Freelancers on Golance need to build their portfolios. This is to show their repertoire of skills to potential clients. When this is done in Golance, the freelancer undergoes tests and assessments to validate the skills presented. After which they can now browse available job lists for projects that match their skills. You can bill hourly or per project. The platform prides itself on having a fast payout system. Check out this platform.

Solid Gigs

The platform provides freelancers with online gigs. Instead of registering with a fee-paying platform, they suggest that you register with them to get client leads sent your way. Check out this platform.


Guru has job categories like program development, marketing, business, finance, design, and art to mention a few. This is a plus because it is broad enough to have jobs in most categories where prospective freelancers have skills. You can choose to receive payment in four ways, such as fixed cost, hourly, task-based, or recurring payments. Check out this platform.


The platform matches businesses with freelancers from any city of their choice. This is based on their in-house matching algorithm. You may want to check out this platform if you are interested in serving clients from a particular locale. Check out the platform.


This platform has over 2 million freelancers with over thirty thousand projects posted monthly. It currently matches freelancers to businesses in tech, legal, business, admin support, sales, marketing, and more. Check out this platform.



You can make a foray into freelancing if you have not started already. Start earning income with any of these platforms. Also, read my post on 6 Top Tech Platforms for Remote Work in 2022.

Freelancing is a good way to start a business by the side with minimal risk. All needed infrastructure apart from your laptop and internet connection is already provided by the platform.

The downside however is that none of the clients are yours. Your interaction is purely guided by the rules of which platform you choose.

That notwithstanding, they have done the job of marketing the client and bringing the client to you. So, it is a win-win situation if you ask me.

Payments are also automated and paid out through any of the payment providers such as Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe, and others depending on the platform in question. ‘

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