6 Top Tech Platforms for Remote Work in 2022

Tech talents are in demand worldwide. Work and life are now highly technologically driven.

Furthermore, the pandemic has ushered in a new normal where virtual work activity is fast becoming the norm. It is almost inconceivable for any business not to need tech talent.

The opportunity to get work on your terms has been presented by freelance platforms.www.savvynuggets.com Some of these platforms are fully dedicated to professionals with marketable tech skills.

To offer your services as a freelancer, however, requires that you hone your tech skills to become top-notch. It is a very competitive market.

Find below 6 top tech platforms that offer freelance opportunities.

6 Top Tech Platforms for Remote Work 


This platform hires top talent globally and matches them remotely to companies seeking “rockstars”, according to their website, to staff their teams. Crossover has a rigorous recruitment process and a generous pay structure for successful candidates. They have staffed over 850 teams with over 4000 talents in 130 countries. While they hire for other roles as well, they focus largely on technology and engineering roles. Check out this platform.


This is a freelance platform for hiring top talents in software development, design, finance, product management, and project management. They provide talent to staff teams globally. Their stats show that 40,000 talents have been engaged in 158 countries and 16,000 clients served in 2021 alone. Toptal provides freelance gigs. For more information, check out this platform.


Software engineers and developers are the focus of Turing. They offer them the opportunity to build a career. As such, the platform globally sources, vets, matches, and manages top-range software developers remotely. Furthermore, they rely on their Al-backed intelligent talent cloud to achieve this. You can join over one million developers from 140 countries already at Turing. Check out this platform.


This is a crowdsourcing platform, where jobs are launched as a competition. Topcoder talents then participate in that competition. As they showcase their skills, the preferred tech talent gets chosen for the project. Check out this platform.

Scalable Path

Software developers on this platform are vetted for placement in remote jobs. Scalable Path provides freelance opportunities to developers, who are matched for remote work with businesses that need staff to fund their project teams. They currently have over 23,000 freelancers from 177 countries on their platform. Check out this platform.


On this platform top tech talents are hired out as freelancers on digital projects for clients. Freelancing gigs range from digital transformation to software development, marketing, and design. Freelancers put out a quote for available projects and are then hired by the client. As of today, they have 1500 projects by 150 certified teams in 40 countries. Check out this platform.


Begin your side hustle by showcasing your tech skills. Start earning income today on any of these platforms. Note however that the clients are not yours but available to you only on the platform. 

Notwithstanding, it is a good way to start a business without bearing the full risk. All needed infrastructure apart from your laptop and internet connection is already provided by the platform.

Payments are also automated and frequently paid out on a weekly or bi-monthly basis through any of the payment providers such as Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe, and others depending on the platform in question.

You can also check my post on 9 Freelance Platforms to Earn Extra Income for general freelance platforms that are not wholly focused on tech.

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