3 Ways To Organize Your Mind and Prevent Overwhelm

How would you like to feel in control of your life? Able to respond to situations promptly, and have your activities for the day safely tucked under your belt without breaking a sweat… with your mind at rest? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

But then, that is not always the case.

Your mind can be overwhelmed by the different activities it has to keep track of. There are many competing alternatives in life vying for your attention… every one of them seems important, but are they?

You have family, work, and life issues to deal with.

You sigh inwardly as you mentally run through your invisible list, wondering what you might be missing out on… hoping that all activities get finished on time. I get the feeling.

At times I do wonder if one can really multi-task. It might just be a fad… I don’t know… but, it seems that without a plan you could be paying less attention to more important matters.

Feeling overwhelmed can also affect you in other areas of your life. It can make you feel flustered, hurried, and drained. So, you need to organize your mind. You can prevent overwhelm by organizing your mind in these 3 ways;

1) Declutter Your Mind

It is as simple as taking a cup of tea or coffee, sitting in your favorite spot at home, and relaxing. Just take a moment out of time, and choose yourself and your peace above every other thing going on around you at that time. Intentionally bring calm into your space by freeing your mind of every stressful thought.

Tell yourself that everything will be sorted out. Then think of things that bring you peace and joy. After 15 minutes of being alone with YOU, you will approach your activities in a clearer, more purposeful way. 



2) Categorize Your Tasks

Think through everything you have to do. Take a plain sheet of paper and jot down every activity you can think of. Some of them might be routine activities you do frequently like grocery shopping or one-off activities like picking up a friend from the airport.

Categorize them into important, urgent, not so important, and not so urgent tasks. It is likely that the perceived urgency or importance of the activity is what is putting pressure on your mind. So, determine how important and urgent they really are.

Separate the important and urgent ones for immediate attention while the less important and urgent ones can be placed further down the list. This allows your mind to focus on the most important things at any point in time. 

3) Maintain A To-Do List

This is a natural fallout of categorizing all you have to do. It brings clarity to your busyness, allowing you to focus on what really needs to be done. It helps you keep relevant activities on the front burner as you move closer to your goals.

Un-productive activities are weeded out as you see them written down… because you are able to determine if you should do them or not. In this way, you are able to declutter your mind and keep it focused on what matters.



You need to make a conscious effort to keep your mind organized, whole, and sane. Do not allow the ever-present rush of life to derail you. Your mind needs to be calm and at peace to be optimally productive.

Always remember to declutter your mind, categorize your tasks, and maintain a To-Do List. Also, read my post on How To Avoid Overspending By Taking These 4 Steps, where I discussed how to categorize budgeting.

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